2019 Hiring Guide: Your New Company Image

You don’t want to fall behind in the competition for top talent in 2019. There are some new recruitment trends you should keep in mind as you build your company image in this New Year.

It remains a candidate-driven market.

Job candidates will continue to have the upper hand in 2019. In fact, the current job market is 99 percent candidate driven. In a nutshell, you don’t pick talent … they pick you.

  • Finding, hiring and retaining high performers are always top HR challenges. Treat applicants like your most important customers, because they are. Think about it: Without the best workforce, how can you even begin to serve your customers and not risk losing them to the competition?

Practice recruitment marketing.

Use proven marketing methods and tactics to nurture and land top talent this year. The number-one goal of recruitment marketing is to follow the latest market trends and offer solutions to overcome related challenges – just as your company would with any other campaign.

  • Hand in hand with recruitment marketing is inbound recruiting. One of the best ways to build your company image, it involves proactively and continually attracting candidates, with the goal of having them choose you as their next employer. This marks a reversal from outbound recruiting, which was based on simply reaching out to candidates and offering them an open job. In inbound recruiting, candidates come to you.

It’s all about that brand.

According to recent LinkedIn research, more than 75 percent of job seekers research companies’ reputations before they apply for a job. Company image is everything. Organizations with a less-than-stellar image struggle to appeal to the most talented people.

  • Eighty-three percent of employers in the LinkedIn study said their brand played a significant role in their ability to hire desired talent.
  • Perhaps most telling, 69 percent of candidates in the study said they would not accept a job at a company with a bad reputation, even if it meant they would be jobless as a result.

Optimize your candidate experience.

Your candidate experience is your past, current and future candidates’ overall perception of your recruiting process, from start to finish. It is based on applicants’ feelings and the attitudes they develop during your hiring process, from sourcing and screening to interviewing, hiring and onboarding.

  • A negative candidate experience can be devastating. Virgin Media, a British cable and mobile provider, recently calculated that it cost them a staggering $5.4 million annually. This was based on such sobering statistics as the 18 percent of rejected candidates who were also Virgin Media customers, and the two-thirds of whom were detractors – which means they likely wouldn’t recommend the company to others. A significant percentage of rejected candidates switched providers within a single month.
  • On a positive note, 95 percent of rejected candidates are likely to apply again, as long as they have had a positive experience with your company. And, 97 percent would encourage others to apply. Eighty-five percent would increase their purchases with your company, and 55 percent would tell their social networks about their positive experience.

TRC Professional Solutions can help you source the right talent and set the pace for hiring success in 2019 and beyond. From maximizing your candidate experience to retaining your workforce for the future, we can help ensure the best possible results. Contact us today to learn more.