3 Reasons Why Staying In A “Stuck” Career is Bad For You

If you don’t like your job, you’re not alone. According to Forbes, anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of Americans say they hate their jobs. There are many reasons why people dislike their work, but one of the biggest reasons is feeling stuck. Feeling like your career has stalled and you don’t have any prospects for growth can be demoralizing and it can also be bad for your career over the long term.

1) Staying Stuck Makes You Complacent

Staying in a job that doesn’t challenge you to learn new things, step outside your comfort zone or fail from time to time can lead to complacency. Eventually, you won’t want to be challenged because you’ve been so comfortable doing the same thing at the same level for so long.

Complacency can be the death knell of a career. If you get too comfortable, you won’t find ways to grow your skill set, you’ll stop staying on top of trends in your field and you will lose traits like flexibility and resilience because you simply don’t need them when your career is stagnant.  When you do eventually decide to try and get out of your situation, you may find it difficult to convince employers that you are a strong candidate if you’ve become complacent in your career.

2) Staying Stuck Stalls Your Earnings

Moving up throughout your career usually means you’ll experience bumps in pay as you climb the ladder. Staying stuck usually means staying stuck in your earnings, as well. You may be comfortable with your paycheck today, but what do you want out of life over the next five, ten or fifteen years? If you want to move into a larger house, have more children, drive a nicer car, take vacations and save for retirement, you’ll have to continually earn more.

While staying where you are may mean receiving cost-of-living increases every year or two, you can’t move up the socioeconomic ladder if you aren’t moving up the corporate ladder.

3) Staying Stuck Keeps You From Going Where You Want To Go

Every day that you stay stuck in a job means another day that you’ll never realize the rush of landing the job you really want.  And the longer you stay at a job you don’t like, the less connected you’ll feel to the dreams you had when you first embarked on your career journey. Over time, this can take a toll on your mental health, your physical health and your general outlook on life.

When you have the chance to grow in your career, it will boost your self-confidence, challenge you mentally and will make you feel stimulated. You owe it to your career to pick yourself up and take steps to achieve your goals, no matter how far away you may have strayed from them over time.

Are You Ready To Get Yourself UnStuck?

If you are stuck in your career and you’re ready to take the steps to lift yourself out of your rut, partner with a professional recruiter who can help you prepare for, identify and land new opportunities. To learn how a professional recruiter can help you in your job search, contact the recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions today. We work with talent in technology, engineering, accounting, marketing, and logistics. We look forward to helping you take the next step in your career.