4 Ways To Stay Up-To-Date on Industry Developments and Trends

You can’t advance your career if you don’t have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your industry.  Staying informed on trends is important to help you build credibility and value and to show that you know where your field is heading in the future.  Successful people spend time every day keeping up with the latest news and developments in their field, so make time in your day for these strategies.

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#1) Industry Publications

Every industry has free web journals, blogs and e-newsletters that publish the latest news, opinion and trends. Find a few publications that you like and subscribe. You may also think about investing money in subscription-based journals as well, as long as the publication is reputable and actually adds value to your learning process.  To help you sort through the clutter, use an RSS feed that will provide you with headlines from your subscribed sites that you can browse in one neat platform.

#2) Events

Professional organizations and conferences are invaluable resources for keeping up-to-date and learning what’s coming down the pike. They are also great places to network and build connections.  If you aren’t sure which associations and events are truly worthwhile for your niche, ask your boss, a mentor or colleagues for recommendations. Keep in mind, some employers will pay for all or part of your registration fees for educational conferences and professional memberships, so always check with your boss to uncover those benefits.

#3) Social Media

Yes, social media is often a black hole of brain-melting drivel, but lots of thought leaders hang out there, as well. It pays to try and find these valuable corners of the internet. Start by following the social profiles of the publications you subscribe to and follow article authors, as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out and comment on their posts or ask them questions. You can learn a lot and make valuable new connections by joining in the conversation.  If you’re not much of a social media person, start with LinkedIn. There are active groups and forums where people share ideas and news and learn from one another.

#4) Podcasts

If you’re not familiar with how the podcast industry has grown in recent years, take a moment to check it out. There are informative and entertaining podcasts for nearly every industry and niche. If you aren’t sure what to subscribe to, search your favorite industry publications for recommendations. Podcasts are a great way to learn and keep up with trends while you pass the time on your commute, at the gym, while cleaning or even walking your dog.

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