7 Questions to Ask During Your Interview

A successful job interview isn’t just about having the right answers. It’s also about asking the right questions.

Your interview is your window to not only sell yourself, but also gather as much information as possible so you can make the right decision about how the job would fit you and your lifestyle. Asking thoughtful questions will help you do this. In addition, the right questions show that you’re prepared, organized and interested, and have thoroughly researched the opportunity. In a nutshell, it shows that you really, sincerely want to be there.

Here are seven questions to consider. Think about them ahead of time, and head in ready to wow your interviewers.

  1. What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the job look like?

Your long-term happiness in a job ultimately boils down to the details of what you do day in and day out. After all, it will occupy a major part of your time. Ask for specific details. If your interviewer hedges or rambles off a list of other duties, they may be asking you to take on something much different than you thought.

  1. What does success look like in this position, and how do you measure it?

Knowing a company’s expectations and how goals are assessed is critical as you decide whether their style aligns with what motivates you. And with this question, you’re indirectly asking about internal processes, future opportunities for promotion, and how employees are treated.

  1. What characteristics do you look for in an employee to best reflect your company’s values?

Dig deep to learn as much as possible about an organization’s mission, values and culture. Listen closely. From benefits and perks to the way people interact with each other, there’s nothing more important than cultural fit.

  1. What do you like best about working here?

Find out what your interviewers are most passionate about in their jobs. If you hear a heartfelt response, then thumbs up. But if they hesitate, cough, or shift in their seat, that’s a red flag.

  1. Can you describe opportunities for professional development in this role?

Set yourself up for success by finding out how far this position could take you on your career path. Ask what types of training and development programs are offered, how leaders promote growth, and what it takes to be a top performer.

  1. Who would I be working most closely with if hired?

The employees at this company could be your next professional team. Make sure it’s a group you’ll want to be a part of. Jot down names and titles. This will also help you evaluate how cross-functional the role is.

  1. Is there anything about my resume or background that makes you hesitate to hire me?

This question shows that you’re highly invested in the job. It also illustrates that you appreciate constructive criticism and are eager to improve – valuable qualities in a candidate.

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