The Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency During COVID-19

As so many organizations move toward having their employees work from home, put hiring freezes into place, face overtime for their businesses, or need more support as they navigate operations during COVID-19, engaging with or continuing work with a staffing agency can be extremely beneficial. Staffing agencies can help navigate and supply resources so businesses can focus on running.

Here Are Six Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Staffing agencies can help limit the distractions of your internal Human Resources team. While they are staying on top of ever-changing workforce laws and regulations in addition to any internal concerns, this can help free up some of their bandwidth.
  2. They can help minimize overtime for current employees. If you bring in temp staffers from a staffing agency, they can supplement what your current employees are doing, thereby helping reduce costs.
  3. Working with a staffing agency can give your current team a break. As many employees are trying to balance working from home with distance learning and fulltime childcare for their families, this can help them work different flex hours and have more breaks in order to complete necessary tasks and errands that are essential to keep their homes running.
  4. Staffing companies can fulfill an immediate need. With TRC’s vetted and ready-to-go workers, we can quickly fill in any gaps you are having or that you project may be coming down the pipeline shortly. If you are concerned about the long-term costs of hiring fulltime employees, staffing agencies can help in the near-term with a contingent workforce.
  5. Staffing agencies can help you navigate your hiring ebbs and flows as you prepare for the next steps and potential operational shifts after business returns to normal.
  6. It is critical to be up-to-speed on current labor laws and practices. Staffing agencies can also work in conjunction with your HR department to determine what needs to be done according to the United States Department of Labor. We can also help you dive into resources for small businesses.

If your organization would benefit from working with a staffing agency to help combat the above challenges during COVID-19 and beyond, please contact the TRC Staffing Services team today.

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