3 Candidates You Didn’t Hire But Should Have

Hiring managers often focus on a handful of areas when they decide which candidate will receive a job offer, usually favoring those with the right amount of experience in the targeted skill areas. While there isn’t anything innately wrong with this approach, it could mean that you miss out on someone who could become a stellar employee just because they don’t quite meet the mark in that one area.

With that in mind, here are three candidates you might not have hired but should have.

1. The One with Passion

When a candidate appears to be passionate about a role, company or industry, this can actually be a stronger indication of their likelihood of success than whether they have the perfect mix of skills and experience. Someone who is truly excited about the position will likely push themselves harder, be more open to learning new skills, and bring a positive attitude with them when they enter the workplace.

In contrast, someone with the proper core competencies who isn’t passionate about the work may just go through the motions, never fully striving for excellence, or be reluctant to expand and grow if the job requires it.

Ultimately, someone with passion will work hard to meet or exceed your expectations because they care about what they do, even if that means having to acquire new skills (or improve existing ones) along the way.

2. The One with Potential

When it comes down to it, past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. A candidate that has one or two significant accomplishments behind them might not reach the same heights with you, as a variety of factors likely created the outcome, and they may not all be present at your workplace.

However, a candidate with significant potential, even if they lack the desired amount of experience, may be more successful over the long-term. Plus, they are less likely to have bad habits that need breaking and may be more open to being molded into the ideal person for the role.

If a person appears to be an untapped talent, don’t discard them just because they don’t measure up to the experience clock.

3. The One with “Too Much” Experience

Companies are automatically hesitant to hire a person they deem overqualified. The fear is that the individual will jump ship as soon as a position that better aligns with their experience becomes available.

While this certainly can happen, don’t automatically discount job seekers who appear to have too much experience. In some cases, the position you have available may be their “dream role,” particularly if it allows them to use the skills that they most enjoy. Not everyone is interested in continually climbing the career ladder, and the candidate may have simply discovered what kind of work actually makes them happy.

Usually, you can tell if this is the case by the amount of excitement the person has for the work, though asking them directly during the interview is also a way to solve the mystery.

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