3 Interview Strategies That Will Help You Hit a Home Run

Landing an interview is an important step to securing a new position, but you will only get the job offer if your interview is a homerun. Much of the interview process can feel like a mystery, making it hard to know exactly how to prepare. However, there are certain strategies that apply to almost any interview situation.

If you want to make sure your next interview is a grand slam, here are three strategies you can starting using today.

1) Think of Examples

Job interviews involve questions designed to dig deeper into your work history, education, or other experience. While knowing the ins and outs of your skill set is vital, you need to be able to back it up with examples of how you used them in the workplace. In some cases, you can prepare an actual portfolio that demonstrates what you previously produced. In others, you’ll need to be able to tell stories about how you put your knowledge to work.

Strong examples do more than just support your resume, they provide insight into how you think and interact while on the job. So, for every main skill discussed in the job posting (and your resume) make sure you have a specific instance you can provide should the question arise.

2) Stay Focused

When an interviewer asks a question, you want to get to the core of the answer quickly and concisely. Often, it is easy for job seekers to lose focus, resulting in them going off on a tangent that isn’t related to the question at hand. And, in the worst cases, when they finish giving their response, they haven’t even answered the initial question.

Remaining focused requires self-control. You need to consider the question being asked and provide a response that clearly answers it. While this doesn’t mean you can’t provide some detail to support the response, it is critical that every word you stay provide value to the singular answer and not stray into other territories.

3) Prepare Questions

At the end of almost every interview, you’ll have a chance to ask the interviewer questions, and it is important that you do. Asking questions shows you have an active interest in the position, and that you want to learn more about what the job entails or how you could fit into the bigger picture.

Before going to the interview, plan a few questions in advance that can help you get the information you need or further cement your position as a top candidate. Consider asking about how the job may change over the next five years or what the biggest challenge the new hire will be expected to solve. Even asking if there is anything that makes the hiring manager hesitant about selecting you for the position can be a smart move, as it gives you a chance to clear up any doubts or provide information that may have been previously missed.

Are you looking for your next interview?

A successful interview always requires preparation and focus, so understanding what you need to bring to the table before you walk through the door can help improve your odds of hitting a home run. If you are looking for a new job, the recruiters at TRC Staffing Services can help you explore openings in your area and prepare for your next interview. Contact us to see what we have to offer.