5 Reasons You Should Consider a Job in Oklahoma City

Whether you live near the city or are considering relocating to a new metro area, Oklahoma City has a lot to offer those just joining the workforce as well as highly skilled professionals. OKC is one of the few large cities in the state, so a lot of business gets managed within its borders.

If you are wondering whether this metro area is right for you, here are five reasons you should consider a job in Oklahoma City.

1) A Diverse Economy

When people think of the Oklahoma City economy, they often picture oil fields and cattle. But, today, the city has much more to offer than many realize. There is a range of industries represented in the area including aviation, energy, health care, manufacturing, and government. This means the city requires a wide variety of workers to keep things moving forward, and that can create exciting opportunities for those who choose to call the city home.

2) Favorable Cost of Living

Oklahoma City has a cost of living that is 15.5 percent below the national average. That means your money goes further when it comes to purchasing things like food and fuel, or paying for housing. In fact, home expenses fall 28.8 percent below the national average. Often, lower costs in these areas help people experience a higher quality of life, making their time in the city more enjoyable over all.

3) Wage Growth

Between 2005 and 2015, Oklahoma City experienced the eighth fastest median wage growth in the nation, coming in at 5.3 percent. This means workers were seeing pay increases more frequently than some other areas of the country, making it an attractive option to those just entering the workforce and seasoned professionals.

4) It’s Popular with Millennials

If you’re a Millennial looking for a city that offers employment opportunities and the ability to connect with other members of your generation, Oklahoma City is a great choice. It ranks 12th as a destination for Millennials based on data from 2010 to 2015 and is likely to remain a strong option for many of the reasons outlined above.

5) Low Unemployment

Currently, Oklahoma City’s unemployment rate is similar to the national rate, which is well below 5 percent. That means finding an opportunity in Oklahoma City may be easier than some other metro areas, making it simpler to start or further one’s career.

Are you looking for a new job?

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