5 Ways to be More Successful in a Professional Interview in Charlotte

Now that you have landed a job interview in Charlotte, making the best impression possible is likely your priority. But exactly how to go about that can feel like a mystery, regardless of whether you have worked in the field for years or are just starting out.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help ensure your meeting goes as well as possible. To help you get started, here are five ways to be more successful in a professional interview in Charlotte.

1) Research the Company

While most job seekers focus on rehearsing answers to interview questions about their skills and experience, not everyone prepares specifically with the company in mind. By researching the business, you can learn about their mission, priorities, and current happenings, giving you the chance to integrate these details into your responses or craft thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. This simple step can be an excellent way to make a notable first impression while also separating yourself from other candidates who may not have been so diligent.

2) Look Up Your Interviewer

Similarly, getting to know your interviewer can be particularly beneficial, and you can typically get started with a simple search on social media. Once you find their profile, review the details about their professional experience as well as any content that can give you insights into their personality. This may make you more comfortable during your first meeting, as they won’t seem like as much of a stranger. Additionally, learning about some of their achievements gives you a talking point to discuss your admiration for them, which is practically guaranteed to please the hiring manager.

3) Identify Areas of Concern

Since you’ve been invited in for an interview, it is likely safe to assume that you meet most, if not all, of the qualifications. However, hiring managers are going to dig deeper to determine if you’re a good fit, so it pays to honestly assess your skills and experience and identify if there are any points that may cause concern.

By doing this as part of your preparations, you can craft solid responses designed to put the hiring manager’s mind at east. It also lowers the likelihood that you’ll be caught off guard if they have an issue they want to discuss.

4) Be Yourself

Some job seekers assume it is best to try force themselves to be what they think the hiring manager wants, but this can actually be a bad move. Not only will it make you uncomfortable, but it could also mean compromising your values or priorities to land a position that might turn out to be a bad fit.

Instead, represent yourself accurately as a professional, as this will make it easier on both you and the hiring manager to determine if you’re not only a match for the role but the company culture as well.

5) Always Have Questions Ready

Nearly every interview ends with you having the chance to ask questions, and not having a few prepared can actually backfire on you. Instead of going in empty handy, craft a few in advance about the role or company. Just make sure you don’t rehash topics that were already covered in the interview (unless you need clarification on a particular point) or ask for information that you could have easily researched, like what products the company offers.

You can also use this time as an opportunity to clarify any information you didn’t thoroughly cover, or that simply didn’t come up during the natural course of the conversation, so it’s certainly an opportunity that you shouldn’t ignore.

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