Best Ways to Utilize Your Alumni Network in Daytona, Florida

Nearly every college or university maintains an alumni network. It allows those who attended the school to stay connected no matter where life took them after they earned their degree.

When it comes to a job search in Daytona, Florida, an alumni network can be a powerful tool. If you are wondering how to utilize yours, here are some tips to get you started.

3 Benefits of Alumni Networking

Use the Database

An alumni network database is full of useful information. Generally, it will have details about a person’s career and location, as well as methods for reaching them.

Since most alumni networks include information that was willing provided by those listed, most of them are open to being contacted in the manners that they specified. Plus, since many choose to provide information about their job title, profession, or current employer, you can explore the database to find alumni who work in your field, company, or at organizations you would be interested in exploring.

Information Gathering

In many cases, a fellow alum will be happy to speak with you if you have questions about their career or company. Many people enjoy talking about themselves, particularly when it comes to their successes, so you may find that it is fairly simple to get an overview of their career and how they reached their current role.

Additionally, some members of your network may also clue you in regarding their company’s hiring practices or open positions if they are able. Some businesses do restrict these kinds of conversations, so don’t assume that an inability to share details is related to you. However, if the person holds their alma mater in high regard, they may be more than willing to help a fellow alum land a position.


A significant number of companies are open to receiving referrals from their current employees. If a member of your alumni network works with an organization that you are interested in, you may be able to secure a referral by connecting with them.

It’s important that you don’t immediately lead off with a request for a referral unless you already have a strong relationship with the other professional. Remember, just because you went to the same school that doesn’t mean they know you. Instead, use your college experiences and careers as platforms for facilitating a connection. If possible, look for an opportunity to help them, either with their career or otherwise, as, after you provide them with a favor, they may be more receptive to giving you one in return.

Once the relationship is solid, then it may be appropriate to make the request. However, make sure that securing the referral isn’t your only goal. People don’t like being used, so it’s better to wait for a genuine connection to develop before you ask, and make sure to maintain the relationship regardless of what they say.

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