How Can You Market Yourself to Find the Type of Job You Are Looking For?

Traditionally, marketing is seen as a business activity, with companies using various approaches to try and entice customers to purchase a particular product or service. However, when you are looking for a job, you are also in the “business” of marketing, trying to “sell” your skills and experience to potential employers.

If you are seeking a particular type of job, then it’s wise to market yourself specifically for those opportunities.

Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Understand the Requirements

You can’t market yourself for a role if you don’t know what it entails. While the precise job duties may vary from one company to the next, many of them will be share similar responsibilities and have corresponding requirements.

By researching what is commonly requested in the vacancy announcements, you can make sure that you touch on these points when discussing your capabilities, increasing the odds that you will align your marketing efforts with the job.

Assess Your Capabilities

Once you know the requirements, you need to see how you measure up. Do you have the right level of experience? Do you possess the proper skill set? Do you have the minimum amount of required education?

Assessing your capabilities gives you a chance to make sure that you are actually suited for your target role. If you do, then you can proceed with your plan. If you don’t, then you know what areas you need to work on before you start marketing yourself.

Identify Target Companies

Marketing only works if a need exists. Before you begin reaching out to companies, you need to figure out which ones may have a need for your skills.

While a vacancy announcement is a clear indication that a business is looking for someone with your expertise, it isn’t the only sign. If a company operates in a particular niche that utilizes professionals with skill sets similar to yours, then they may have a need as well.

Not all job opening are publicly posted, so don’t assume that a lack of an official announcement means they couldn’t use someone like you.

Make a Connection

While blindly sending a resume to a company is always an option, it isn’t necessarily the most effective approach. If there isn’t a posted vacancy, then you should try to establish a connection with someone at the business before you attempt to secure an opportunity.

Begin by examining your current professional network for direct connections to the organization. If those don’t exist, start looking for second-degree connections and, when those appear, see if your connection would be willing to make an introduction. In cases where there is no connection, try to establish one before you submit your resume. Social media makes it easy to reach out to other professionals and start forging a relationship, so don’t be afraid to make contact and see if you can establish some common ground before marketing your skills.

Ultimately, securing a job is all about marketing yourself. By using the tips above, you can increase your odds of finding your ideal position and, hopefully, landing it.

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