Career Tips for Aspiring HR Managers in Charlotte

Whether you are just out of school or have been working in entry-level human resources positions are ready to make a jump forward, having the goal to become an HR manager in Charlotte is admirable. With the world of human resources changing rapidly, it can be challenging to determine exactly what you need to do to make your aspirations a reality.

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To help you on your journey, here are some career tips for aspiring HR managers in Charlotte.

Be Realistic About Your Timeline

Reaching management levels in any profession often requires certain minimums in the areas of experience and education, and HR is certainly no different. While aspiring to be an HR manager is an excellent choice, it is imperative you have a full understanding regarding the qualifications for your target position. Then, you can craft your career to facilitate your goals. In most cases, a jump directly into management requires significant amounts of education, so don’t be surprised if you have to take lower level positions and work your way up.

Explore Different HR Specialties

HR is a larger category than many people realize, encompassing a range of skill sets including benefits and compensation, training and development, recruiting, and HRIS. While many professionals begin their career working in a general capacity, choosing to explore specialty areas can help you broaden your experience, making it easier to move into a management position in the future. Additionally, you may find a particular focus especially appealing and can choose to specialize as a way of moving up the career ladder as well.

Join a Professional Association

Many HR professionals advance their careers thanks in part to their network of colleagues, co-workers, and mentors. Joining a professional association can help you expand your network, providing you access to others working in your field as well as information about job openings that might not be advertised through traditional channels like job boards and company websites. Connecting with other HR professionals can also help you stay apprised of industry developments, making sure you always have access to current information and any changes that affect the field.

Speak with Your Current Manager

If you want to gain valuable insight into your readiness for an HR manager position, speak with your current manager about your goals and ask for feedback or guidance that will help you get there. You can learn about any skill areas that might need ironing out or which courses or certifications will help you move forward in your current company.

As a bonus, once your manager knows you are interested in climbing the ladder, you are more likely to come to mind should an opportunity arise.

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