How to Get Your Job Post Seen by Candidates in Buck’s County

When your company has a job opening, you want to fill it fast. So you take the time to create a strong job posting and place it on your website. But what if that isn’t enough to attract the top candidates available in Buck’s County?

Today, there are numerous ways to advertise your open positions to skilled job seekers.

To get your job post seen by candidates in Buck’s County, here are some places to start.

Don’t Neglect Local Newspapers

While the newspaper isn’t as popular as it once was, many people still use them (or their websites) to learn about jobs in the area. And the biggest benefit of using local newspapers is local papers are seen by local job seekers. Typically, this includes individuals who are already established in Buck’s County, meaning they have a specific interest in finding a job in the area.

Often, the costs associated with these ads are low. But, if it can bring in the right applicants, it is certainly an investment worth making.

The Right Online Job Websites

Every business is aware of at least some of the major job sites. While these can be suitable options, there are more effective choices. Instead of using a general site, which can lead to hundreds or thousands of applications from candidates who aren’t suitable, consider choosing a targeted job site focused on the right industry.

Many sites include only job postings for specific skill sets. By selecting a targeted website, your ad is more likely to be seen by the right kind of applicant. Additionally, it limits the likelihood of being bombarded by applications from individuals who don’t have the skills or experience you require.

Social Networking

Social networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook can also be great places to announce job openings. These sites are accessible by a staggering number of people. Additionally, the organic ability for people to share posts means you may even reach individuals who weren’t specifically following your company’s page in the first place.

Depending on how the announcement is posted, you may be able to reach a large audience without spending a dime. You can also post the same information on multiple sites, or use social networks like Twitter to send out a link to your larger announcement being stored elsewhere on the internet. Even though the free options are highly accessible, paid promotional programs are available if you want to cast a wider net immediately.

Staffing Firms

A staffing firm often has access to a wide range of resources that are frequented by job seekers in the Buck’s County area. Not only can they post your current job announcement, they can also help you refine and customize them for a different format. Add to that the ability to locate candidates, provide prescreening services and even allow you to try out applicants on a trial basis, and you may find this solution is ideal for your business.

Are you looking for more qualified candidates?

If you are interested in having your job post seen by more people in the Buck’s County area, TRC Staffing Services can make that happen. Contact us to explore your job posting options today.