Your Guide to a New Job Search in Columbia, SC

Whether you are new to the Columbia, SC, area or are just interested in finding a new opportunity, the idea of starting a job search can be intimidating. It isn’t always easy to determine which methods are the most effective, making it hard to decide where to concentrate your efforts.

To help you get the best results possible, here is a quick guide to new job searches in Columbia, SC.

Set Up Job Alerts

Generally, spending hours sifting through online job ads isn’t going to be the most practical approach for anyone. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t valuable opportunities out there.

Instead of managing the search manually, set up job alerts on multiple job boards. You can define what sort of positions you are interested in, and the system will send you a notification when it spots a match. Then, you can review the information and determine whether submitting an application is the right move for you.

Work Your Network

Most people have a network of personal and professional connections that may help them land a position. However, they won’t be able to assist you with your pursuit of a new job if they don’t know you’re looking.

Begin by contacting those who work in the same industry or at a target company, especially if their organization is looking for someone with your skill set, and see if they can connect you to the hiring manager or a member of the human resources team. You can then expand your search to other members of your network to explore additional options.

Before you ask anyone for help, it’s important to make sure that your relationship justifies the request. If you haven’t been in contact for a while, consider rekindling the connection first and asking about opportunities later.

If your network doesn’t have anyone who can help with your particular goals, consider checking resources like your alumni database or any professional associations of which you are a member. Often, these connections can be a little looser, so you don’t necessarily need a close relationship with the person for this approach to be effective.

Get Your Resume in Order

When you start a job search, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to submit your resume. While you want to customize the document to every position, you can create a strong general framework in advance. If you haven’t updated yours recently, add relevant details about your current or last position. When in doubt, write more points than you’ll need in a standard application, as you can remove any excess details when you update the resume for each job.

Reach Out to a Staffing Firm

If you want assistance with your job search, working with a reputable recruitment agency can provide you with the access and insight you need to be successful. Often, these firms are well-connected in the community, making it easier for them to connect you with leading employers in the area. If you’re looking for a job in Columbia, the professionals at TRC Staffing want to hear from you. Contact us today to see what positions are available in your field.

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