How to Effectively Handle the Summer PTO Rush in St. Louis

With the end of the school year clearly on the horizon and the number of sunny days increasing, many of your employees are likely planning summer vacations. It isn’t uncommon for managers to be inundated with leave requests as May draws to a close, so it’s important to be prepared for the St. Louis PTO rush.

If you haven’t created a plan for handling employee vacation requests, here’s how to get started.

Announce PTO Deadlines

Most companies have some form of standard when it comes to submitting vacation requests, but they typically aren’t discussed often. As summer gets closer, it’s wise to remind your employees how much notice is required for their leave request to be considered.

For particularly popular times to use PTO, such as near the Fourth of July, you may even want to set a separate deadline for vacation requests. Determine how much time you feel is reasonable and let your workers know that only submissions made before the cutoff date will be considered.

By announcing the deadlines, you can lessen the chance that a last-minute request will derail operations and that team members are fully aware of any associated company standards.

Decide Who Has Priority

If two team members submit PTO requests for the exact same dates, do you have a process in place to determine who gets to head out on vacation and who doesn’t? For example, do you favor a “first come, first serve” approach? Would you factor in an employee’s seniority? What about on-the-job performance?

In the end, each approach has its merits and drawbacks, so select the option that makes sense for your workplace. Then, share those details with managers and workers, ensuring everyone is aware of how the decisions are made.

Define Management’s Rights

It’s important for employees to understand what management has reserved the right to do in regards to the approval or denial of PTO requests. In most cases, members of the leadership team are most aware of how operations will be impacted by a worker’s absence, so identifying which supervisors have decision-making authority and what their options are is essential.

You also want to make sure that employees understand what rights management reserves, ensuring that they are surprised when a supervisor makes a particular decision.

Make Coverage Arrangements

Before any staff member heads out on vacation, it’s critical that coverage for their duties be formally arranged. This could involve selecting other team members to manage certain portions of the absent worker’s responsibilities, identifying tasks that can wait, and supplementing your workforce with temporary employees while they are away.

Making coverage arrangements ensures that essential duties aren’t overlooked, keeping the business running smoothly while the staff member is using PTO.

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