How to Prepare for an Interview – And NAIL It!

If you have your eye on a job opportunity, the preparing for the interview is essential. Without preparation, your odds of excelling diminish greatly, so it is worth dedicating some time and attention to the process.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to prepare for an interview, ensuring you have a strong chance of nailing it.

How To Get Ready For An Interview

1. Research the Company

If you want to impress the hiring manager, knowing some details about the company is a must. Look up any recent news to discover details about their accomplishments, review product and service descriptions to ensure you are familiar with their offerings, and scan their social media account and About Us page to learn about their culture and mission.

By doing so, you can add relevant details to your interview question responses. This makes you seem more interested in the opportunity and shows that you did your homework.

2. Review the Vacancy Announcement

The job ad provides you with critical insight into what to expect during the interview. There is a decent chance the hiring manager will ask questions relating to any must-have skills, experiences, or traits listed, so knowing what those are allow you to prepare properly.

Similarly, it ensures that any replies you plan for in advance speak to these critical points. Otherwise, you may accidentally overlook an essential skill when you provide your answers.

3. Get Examples Ready

When you respond to an interview question, being able to offer concrete examples is always best. Hiring managers don’t just want to hear that you have a skill; they want you to prove it. That is why this approach is so important.

Whenever possible, discuss a specific example that relates to a question. Begin by going over the situation that occurred, outlining your responsibilities in the matter, detailing the steps you took, and then reviewing the outcome, quantifying the details whenever possible.

4. Master Your Body Language

Your body language and physical actions play a part in your first impression. For example, a firm handshake and warm smile will be received better than no smile and a weak or overpowering grip.

Similarly, eye contact is important for conveying confidence. If you continually look away, the hiring manager may be concerned that you are secure in your capabilities or, worse, that you may be lying.

When you practice responding to interview questions, consider doing so in front of a mirror. This allows you to monitor your movement and gives you a way to practice eye contact, which may help you when the big day arrives.

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