Not in the Job Market but Open to a Better Job?

At times, a job search is an active process. You know you want to leave your current position, so you take specific steps to find new opportunities.

In other cases, fine with where you are today. Your role may not be ideal, but it’s generally satisfying, and your compensation is fair, so you aren’t compelled to seek out alternatives. However, if the right opportunity came along, you would be open to leaving. If that sounds like you, then you are a passive job seeker; a person who isn’t actively on the market but isn’t entirely removed either.

Being a passive job seeker can be a great place to be, mainly because you aren’t under the same level of pressure as someone actively looking for a new role. But, even though “passive” is in the name, that doesn’t mean you should take a backseat. Instead, you just need to handle things differently to make sure you have a chance to learn about amazing positions when they arise. Here’s how to get started.

Set Up Job Alerts

As a passive job seeker, job alerts are your best friend. You can identify specific criteria, ranging from skills to job duties to physical locations, that align with your ideal role and receive a notification when an opportunity matches those details.

By signing up for alerts from multiple sources, such as job boards and social media, you increase your odds of hearing about exciting opportunities. You can even set up a Google Alert using job-oriented keywords, allowing you to cast an even wider net.

Then, make sure to review the notifications regularly, preferably once a day. If nothing catches your eye, then you don’t need to move forward. However, if you see something interesting, you can access more information right from the notification.

This approach is especially beneficial if there are specific companies you would love to work for as you can craft an alert specifically for them. That way, you’ll remain informed at all times, ensuring you don’t miss out on the perfect job.

Stay Connected

When it comes to finding a job, your network can be a valuable asset. However, it usually works best when you have strong relationships with the members of your network, so make sure to keep the connection strong.

Check in regularly and discuss topics other than job opportunities. For example, you can congratulate them on an accomplishment, discuss industry news, or even just ask how they are doing. On occasion, broach the topic of career goals and aspirations, without focusing on landing a new position, giving them an idea of where you want your career to go.

Similarly, stay active in professional organizations to keep those connections strong. This makes you an integral part of the community, ensuring the relationships remain strong.

Even if you aren’t actively looking, members of your network may be inclined to share details about exciting opportunities they see, especially if they think you may be interested.

Looking for a new job?

By using the tips above, you can monitor the job market even if you aren’t actively seeking a new role. If you’d like to learn more, the professionals at TRC Staffing Services can help. Contact us with your questions today and see how our job search expertise can benefit you.

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