Job Search Best Practices for the Modern Candidate

Over the years, the job search has changed. Not that many years ago, applying in-person was part of the norm. You may have even mailed in physical copies of your resume to try to land a role.

However, technology fundamentally altered how candidates find opportunities and apply for jobs. By learning the new rules, you can take a modern approach to further your career. With that in mind, here’s a look at job search best practices today’s job seekers need to follow.

Targeting Your Resume is Essential

Since many companies rely on an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage incoming resumes and perform initial screening, failing to target your resume is almost guaranteed to land you in the discard pile. Usually, an ATS relies on keywords to identify leading candidates. If yours doesn’t have the right ones, it assumes you aren’t capable of performing in the role.

An ATS generally isn’t overly intelligent. It can determine whether two terms are similar. Instead, it looks for precise copies of the keywords it’s given. In most cases, they are also listed in the job ad.

Make sure to review vacancy announcements carefully and use the same spelling when you incorporate a keyword. There’s a strong chance that’s what the ATS will look for, so you’ll increase your odds of being screened in instead of screened out.

You Need to Have a Professional Network

While you can use the traditional job search approach when you’re early in your career, it isn’t ideal over the long-term. By building a robust professional network, you increase your odds of learning about unadvertised positions or landing a referral. In either case, you may face less competition for a coveted role.

With a referral, it’s possible that your resume bypasses an ATS and ends up directly in the hiring manager’s hand. That alone makes networking worthwhile.

Create an Enticing Value Proposition

When you meet with a hiring manager, you need to demonstrate how you can help the company clearly. They need a strong indication of the value you provide, including how you can help them overcome challenges and otherwise thrive.

Make sure you understand exactly how the company would benefit from having you on their team. Then, practice articulating that, ensuring you can discuss it easily during an interview.

Use Job Boards for Intelligence

If you want to know what skills are deemed essential for a particular role, a job board is a great place to do some research. Since so many companies list on these platforms, you can scan must-have lists from organizations all across the country. You’ll gain powerful insights that can help you determine where you can take your career or what you need to build up to become a perfect candidate.

“Outsource” What You Can

It isn’t hard to turn a challenging job search into an efficient one. Begin by creating job alerts that can help you spot new listing. You can set them up on job boards, social media, and even through search engines. That way, when a new job ad goes live, you’ll get a notification immediately.

Additionally, if you want to streamline your job search, working with a staffing firm is a smart move. You can work with recruiters who are adept at finding great positions that align with a candidate’s skills and interests, including some that may not be openly advertised.

Searching for a new job?

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