What is the Link Between Effective Employee Engagement and Retention?

Many people have a surface level understanding that employee engagement and retention go hand in hand. After all, workers who feel engaged on the job are likely more interested at work, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. But the root cause of the connection isn’t always as obvious.

With that in mind, here is an exploration of the link between effective employee engagement and improved retention.

Engaged Workers are More Loyal

Typically, the connection between engagement and passion is clear. Employees who value their contributions, and are similarly appreciated by their employer or industry, feel strongly about the work they do. When you can see that your efforts make a difference, it is easier to feel passionate about your job.

But, employees who feel so strongly about their tasks often transfer these emotions to their employer as well. Being able to do work you love can make the connection to the business stronger, and, incidentally, increases retention.

When an employee feels passionate about their duties, they aren’t as inclined to risk this form of satisfaction by seeking out a new employer. Plus, they appreciate that their current company gives them an opportunity to do work they truly enjoy.

Engaged Workers are Happier

In many cases, employees who consider themselves engaged experience a higher level of job satisfaction, and this often translates into increased feelings of happiness. And, just as with being passionate about their duties, many don’t want to risk a decrease in the positive emotions they are experiencing, so they aren’t inclined to seek out opportunities elsewhere.

But happiness isn’t entirely about being passionate about the work either. It also ties into feeling rewarded and appreciated for their hard work, which can make even less desirable tasks more tolerable. And, when an employee feels their efforts are acknowledged by the organization, they are easier to retain.

Engagement in the Workplace

Often, working to engage employees will have a positive impact on retention rates. But, to make it work, you have to view engagement as more than just reaching out to your workforce.

While communication is important, creating a fulfilling, exciting, meaningful, and enjoyable workplace also plays a role. It can mean presenting staff members with opportunities to learn and grow, as well as supporting innovative and creative thinking. These points often relate more directly to the company’s culture than the precise duties being handled by an employee.

Additionally, it is wise to measure engagement on a continuous basis and not just annually. Failing to monitor a worker’s state of mind means that their commitment to the company may dwindle well before the next yearly review, creating a missed opportunity to re-engage them and keep them on staff.

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