How to Overcome Nervousness in an Interview

Some people seem to have a natural ease when it comes to interviewing. They confidently answer unexpected questions and create a rapport with the interviewer from the start. However, many people find these interactions challenging even when they are excited about the opportunity.

Whether you consider yourself to be shy or just more subdued, there are ways to convey your enthusiasm that still feel comfortable without appearing too nervous.

To help find methods that will work for you, here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t Answer, Story Tell

Sometimes, a simple answer isn’t the best way to proceed. When you are asked to explain your skills, don’t just lay them out flat. Instead, tell a short story about times when your skills shined. For example, saying “I work well as part of a team” isn’t as powerful as sharing a narrative about a recent team project that succeeded due to group effort and compromise.

To ensure you have your stories ready, craft a few examples ahead of time. Then, practice them until they feel like second nature. Soon you’ll be prepared with a variety of examples to share whenever the need arises.

Master Non-Verbal Communication

Everything from a strong handshake to a welcoming smile can help build a rapport with an interview. Often, our body language is as important than what we say. Make sure to maintain open body language by not crossing your arms in front of your body. Lean forward slightly during the interview and make regular eye contact. If the interviewer is speaking, use the occasional nod to assert you are engaged in the conversation.

Get Them Talking

While an interview is mostly about getting to know the candidate, it is also an opportunity to learn about the interviewer. And, when given a chance, many people enjoy talking about themselves. Select a few open-ended questions you can present during the process. That way, you can get the interviewer speaking more while you gain insights.

For example, if you ask them about the challenges they currently face in the workplace, they will likely share pertinent information about the function of the position. Then, share a quick story about how you helped solve a similar problem with another company, and you’ve crafted a strong exchange designed to leave a good impression.

Thank Them Twice

At the close of an interview, always thank the interviewer for their time. This shows your appreciation in a professional way. Once you leave the interview, create a thank-you note or email you can send immediately. There doesn’t need to be a lot of content in the message to be successful. Even a brief thank you that affirms you are interested in the position can work in your favor and is the polite thing to do.

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