5 Ways to Promote Diversity and Inclusiveness at Your Business

Diversity and inclusiveness have become hot topics in the workplace. Many companies are striving to become more diverse and to be welcoming to professionals from a range of backgrounds as a means of aiding their recruitment, retention, and even innovation goals.

However, promoting your company as a place that where everyone can be comfortable can be tricky. If you are wondering how to get started, here are five things you can do today.

5 Ways to Promote a Business Culture of Inclusiveness

1. Create Gender-Neutral Job Descriptions

Using gender-specific terminology in your job descriptions may lead candidates to believe that your organization has a preference when hiring, even if that isn’t the case. Using “he” or “she” when describing your ideal employee incidentally has that connotation, so removing these terms and replacing them with options that are gender-neutral ensures that job seekers don’t misinterpret your intentions.

Similarly, certain buzzwords like “ninja” and “guru” aren’t just tired clichés, they may also be considered culturally insensitive. When in doubt, use the official position title in place of the pronouns, as it is typically gender-neutral and not culturally insensitive.

2. Use Inclusive Bathroom Signage

If your workplace has one-person bathrooms, consider switching out any signage to make it gender-neutral. Often, when only one person can enter the restroom at a time, delegating them to specific genders isn’t necessary. It’s a simple switch that can make your environment feel more welcoming.

3. Review the Images on Your Website

The images you use on your website can say a lot about your company. Whether you use images of actual employees or opt for stock photos of professionals performing certain tasks, try to make sure that they represent a diverse population. This can make your company seem more open when it comes to diversity, allowing you to promote your inclusive culture discreetly yet effectively.

4. Celebrate More Holidays and Events

Taking a moment to recognize holidays and events that underrepresented minorities connect with can be a beneficial step for promoting diversity and inclusion. For example, consider creating informational displays in your lobby or breakrooms during Black History Month or Gay Pride Week or participating in events that are held around your city as a team.

5. Hold Cultural Potlucks

Nearly every person appreciates food, so hosting an international potluck can be both an opportunity for everyone to gather for a meal but also a chance to allow employees to share a bit from their culture. Encourage workers to bring a dish that they feel represents them in some manner and let them share why they chose that food item.

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All five of the tips above are fairly easy to implement and can allow you to craft a culture where everyone can feel comfortable. If you would like to learn more about how you can promote diversity and inclusiveness at your business, the team at TRC Staffing Services can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members today and see how our workplace expertise can benefit you.

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