Should You be Updating Your Employee Policy?

Ultimately, your employee policy manual serves as a blueprint, guiding the actions of your workers and setting important standards regarding conduct, safety, and more. Many companies leave their policies largely on autopilot, only making changes when an event necessitates a change. But this approach isn’t ideal as it forces you to be reactive instead of proactive.

If you’re wondering whether you should be updating your employee policy, here’s what you need to know.

Policy Review Frequency

Since laws can change, it’s wise to review your employee policies regularly. Typically, an annual review will give you an opportunity to see if any recent changes impact your policies, giving you a chance to make updates as required.

However, if you work in a highly regulated industry, it may be wise to do a quarterly review. In these situations, it’s common to be aware of any upcoming legal or regulatory shifts that are on the horizon, so frequent inspections give you a chance to be proactive in your approach.

In some cases, additional reviews may also be required, particularly in the area of safety. If an incident leads to the discovery of a flaw in your safety policies, then you may need to address it immediately instead of waiting for the next scheduled review.

Additionally, if you introduce new technology or equipment in your workplace, policy updates may also be necessary. This allows you to address the impact of the addition on your business, setting any conduct or safety standards that come with putting the technology or equipment in the hands of your workers.

Issuing Policy Updates

If you find that a policy needs to be updated, its critical that you keep your entire company informed. Make sure that members of the leadership team are aware of any upcoming changes and that employees also receive the information at key intervals.

For example, you may wish to let your staff know that a particular policy is being reviewed and changes may come. Then, once the updates are complete, hold meetings to inform everyone of the new standard. Ideally, also provide time for a question and answer session, giving employees a chance to request clarification if they aren’t sure how the policy impacts them.

Additionally, create new employee handbooks to make sure that everyone has access to a copy of the policy and post the updated information in common areas, such as safety or employee information bulletin boards, to help keep the change at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

By regularly reviewing your employee policies, you can make proactive changes instead of reactive ones. This allows you to create a safer workplace where everyone is well informed, ensuring that critical information is shared at the appropriate time.

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