Thank You Notes Are Still as Important as Ever

In today’s technology-driven world, the classic handwritten thank you note has largely fallen by the wayside. Many job seekers assume that it is an antiquated practice, mainly because email allows for near-instant follow-up communication after an interview.

However, taking the time to send a handwritten thank you note can be a worthwhile venture. If you are wondering why they are still as important as ever, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Still Send Thank-You Notes

1. Showcases Your Appreciation

First and foremost, a thank you note in any form allows you to show the hiring manager that you appreciate them taking the time to meet with you. Generally, it is considered a sign of respect and isn’t just a nicety.

Failing to send a thank you note will be noticed, and the hiring manager isn’t going to view this oversight favorably. In contrast, a well-crafted thank you note can actually help you land the job, especially if the candidates don’t give the process the same amount of time and attention. Ultimately, this isn’t a step you should overlook.

2. Helps You Stand Out

By going the extra mile and sending a handwritten thank you note, you are almost guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Few professionals go this route, giving you a chance to do something unique in a process that is typically fairly regimented.

Not only will it show your level of gratitude, but it also makes you appear incredibly appreciative. After all, an email just takes a minute to craft, where a handwritten thank you note takes a bit more energy and care.

3. The Ideal Thank You Note Strategy

If you are going to a coveted role, then you need a solid thank you note strategy to help you stand out from the competition. Before you even interview, make sure you either have blank thank you cards on hand or some nice stationary and envelopes. Getting a stamp ahead of time is also a smart move, ensuring a lack of postage doesn’t cause a delay.

Then, after your interview, do take a moment and send a thank you by email, preferably within an hour or two of the end of your meeting. That way, you are meeting expectations immediately and safeguarding yourself against delivery delays for the handwritten thank you note.

Finally, complete the handwritten note that day and get it in the mail. If you want to speed up delivery, make sure to drop it in the mail in the same city as the company (if you had to head out of town for an interview). One easy way is to go to the closest post office and use their mail drop to get it on its way quickly.

Looking for a job in the Daytona area?

While it may be a day or two before your handwritten thank you note arrives, it is almost guaranteed to make a positive impact when it does, making it worth the effort. If you’d like to learn more about exceeding expectations during the hiring process, the team at TRC Staffing Services can help. Contact us today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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