Top Skills You’ll Need to Find a Great Job in the Daytona Area

When you are searching for a new position in the Daytona area, you will likely be wondering what skills you need to get ahead. Luckily, there are a lot of opportunities in the region, so there is a very good chance you possess some of what employers are looking for already!

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Here’s what you need to know about the Daytona job market today.

Skill #1: Customer Service is King

Whether it is other companies or everyday consumers, every business has customers. And being able to meet their needs is critical to the organization’s success. Knowing how to talk with buyers in person, over the phone, or online can be helpful in almost any scenario, even if it isn’t a standard part of your job description.

In some cases, providing support to other workers in the company can also be seen as customer service. For example, maintenance and IT support employees often come in to help other team members with issues they experience on the job, making them your customer, in a way.

Most workers have spent some time dealing with customers to some degree, so you may already have experience in this area.

Skill #2: Light Industrial

Daytona has numerous opportunities for job seekers with light industrial skills. Positions for material handlers and assemblers are plentiful, and it often isn’t difficult to get started in these fields. If you have experience moving materials or other physical tasks, you may be suitable for these positions. In some cases, simply having physical prowess is enough to get your foot in the door, making these excellent options for high school athletes or those who are generally in good shape.

Those with mechanical know-how may also find more opportunities than those focused on labor. Many industrial businesses look for candidates with experience associated with the operation and maintenance of machinery, so acquiring skills in these areas can give you access to a larger range of employment options.

Skill #3: Computer Expertise

Positions in Contact Centers or officers typically require using a computer, so having an understanding of how to perform basic tasks like data entry and navigating programs can help you get ahead. At times, you’ll acquire the necessary experience while pursuing your education, even at a high school level. Other jobs require more advanced training, such as courses taken while earning an associate degree.

More specialized experience is also useful, such as knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting software. You can also supplement these competencies with other general office skills, like filing and the use of common office equipment, to stand out from the crowd.

Looking for a new job in the Daytona area?

The Daytona area supports numerous industries and professions, so most eager workers can find suitable opportunities. If you would like assistance with your job search, the team at TRC Staffing wants to hear from you. Contact us to schedule time with a member of our recruitment team to see how our services can help you find the right job based on your skill set.