Why Would You Leave a Job You Enjoy?

For many, the idea of quitting a job they legitimately love seems crazy. After all, if you enjoy your work, fit into the company’s culture, and like your manager, why would you want to head elsewhere?

While it may seem like there isn’t a good reason to walk away from a role you adore, that isn’t actually the case. There are scenarios where moving on is a smart move. If you are wondering why you should potentially leave a job you enjoy, here are some situations where it might be the best choice.

Better Compensation

Generally, higher pay is one of the most cited reasons for quitting one position and heading toward another. Even if you love your current role, if you are constantly stressed about money, it isn’t actually meeting all of your needs.

Plus, if it turns out you aren’t being appropriately compensated based on what you bring to the table, moving on may be the only way to earn what you’re worth. This is especially true if your current employer isn’t willing to consider a raise.

Work-Life Balance

Even if you enjoy your job, that doesn’t mean it’s promoting great work-life balance. If your commute takes an eternity or you consistently have to work long hours, your amazing role might be harming your ability to manage your personal life. Just because you love your position doesn’t mean it’s great for work-life balance. If that’s the case, finding a different opportunity might be the only way to fix that problem.


Just because you adore your job doesn’t mean it doesn’t represent a career dead-end. Maybe there aren’t any options for moving up at the company, or you’ve been stuck in the role for so long you’re stagnating. In either case, to avoid the dead-end, you might have to look elsewhere. Otherwise, your career might stall, potentially indefinitely.

Trouble on the Horizon

At times, employees can see the writing on the wall. Maybe it’s clear that the company isn’t long for this world or that, while you love your job, it isn’t actually a great fit, and you’re about to get fired. In either of those cases, it could be wise to move on before the inevitable occurs. That way, you can potentially avoid a period of unemployment.

A Relocation

Whether you have to move or simply want to, heading to a new city could mean that you have to leave your job behind. Unless you can work completely remotely, taking your position with you when you relocate might not be an option.

Ultimately, all of the reasons above could cause someone to leave a job that they genuinely enjoy. They are reasonable justifications for making a change, so don’t assume that just because you love your position that you should stay indefinitely.

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