Have You Developed a Strong EVP That’s Aligned with Your Company Goals and Culture?

Today, it’s a job seekers’ market. Professionals have choices when it comes to employers. As a result, the recruitment approaches of years past aren’t as effective. You can’t focus solely on what professionals can do for you if you want to attract and retain top talent. Instead, you need a winning employer value proposition (EVP), preferably one that is aligned with your company’s goals and culture.

If you don’t have a formal EVP developed or want to make sure your existing one is on target, here’s what you need to know.

What an EVP Is

In the simplest terms, your EVP is everything that your company has in place that provides value to your employees. It’s the offerings you provide that give professionals an incentive to work for your business. For example, wages, benefits packages, perks, performance incentives, professional development opportunities, and the cultural experience are all parts of that equation.

Typically, your EVP is unique to your company. It’s something that can potentially help you stand out from the crowd and can serve as a critical part of your employer brand. With a well-developed EVP, professionals know what to expect from you as an employer.

Aligning Your EVP with Your Goals and Culture

While it may initially seem like an EVP doesn’t have to connect to your company goals or culture, that isn’t the case. If there’s a misalignment, you are functionally sending a mixed message. This can lead to confusion regarding your employer brand and priorities. If that occurs, both your recruitment and retention efforts can be hindered.

For example, if your company’s goals include cultivating a strong workforce that can handle the challenges of tomorrow, but your EVP doesn’t include professional development opportunities, there’s a misalignment. You are stating that you have a particular priority without following through.

If you want to develop a strong EVP, you need to examine your goals and culture. Determine if what you are bringing to the table actually aligns with your objectives, attitudes, behaviors, and choices. If you are claiming something is important, but you don’t have anything to offer employees that coincides with that point, then you need to make a choice. You can either update your goals or your view of your culture, or you can find something to provide that fills that gap.

It can take time to bring everything into alignment if your EVP is initially off-kilter. However, it’s a worthwhile venture if you genuinely want to stand out as an employer of choice, increasing the odds that you can locate, land, and retain the top talent your company needs to thrive.

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