Don’t Sell Yourself Short When Looking for a New Job

When you’re looking for a job, it’s no time to be modest. Even if it feels a bit uncomfortable at first, learning to sell yourself is essential to your success.

So, how do you become your own salesperson?

Start by thinking like one. Develop a marketing campaign. Envision selling yourself the same way a sales expert might promote the latest smartphone, video game, travel destination or gym membership. Develop and pitch your brand. Doing this will enable you to better assess your strengths and strengthen your performance throughout your search.

Target your audience.

A marketer would identify the right potential purchasing audience for their product. You need to do the same thing.

  • Target your job search efforts and use your time wisely. Create a targeted list of companies where you want to apply. Join only relevant groups and attend in-person networking events in that industry. Bring along copies of your resume and business cards, use your elevator pitch, and follow up afterwards on LinkedIn.
  • What “elevator pitch? This is a short – under 60 seconds – speech about your background, experience and career goal. You can use this during job fairs and social and networking events. Essentially, any time there’s an opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential job search contact, you can “turn it on.”

Craft an awesome resume.

When it comes to your job search, and your resume in particular, you need to blow your own horn loudly and clearly, but keep it real and honest. Over exaggeration or downright lying will backfire – so be sure to strike the right balance.

  • Your resume should be more than just a list of your educational and work experience. Highlight your best achievements. Use compelling words and action verbs.
  • Sprinkle your resume with keywords. These are the syntax that recruiters and applicant tracking systems use to build their candidate queries. Tailor your resume and support materials to each position that interests you.

Networking means selling.

Never stop networking, both on and off  line. Touch base as often as possible with the people who know you best and are most familiar with your professional achievements. Cast a wider net from there. Set up informational interviews, attend industry events, and participate in discussions and conversations.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn presence. In addition to your profile, build up your list of accomplishments. Get recommendations, join groups and contribute helpful content.
  • Consider writing a blog. It’s a great way to get your name out there. Make sure the content is pertinent to your desired industry or job function. If done right, posting ideas related to your career highlights will get you noticed.

Write guest articles.

Leverage both print and social media. Start with trade association publications. Also, reach out to college newsletters, industry media, and existing popular blogs. Bloggers often welcome guest posts. As an added bonus, once you have at least one article published, you can add this to your resume as yet another achievement.

For more ideas on building your brand and developing your successful job search strategy, put the powerhouse recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions to work for you. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.