Feel Too Busy To Look For A New Job? Try These Strategies

Looking for a new job can feel like a job in itself. A lot of work goes into conducting a successful search, and a lot of that work is mundane, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing. If you are a busy professional with an equally busy home life, it can feel impossible to find the time to work on a job search. If you feel too busy to look for a new job in a traditional way, try these strategies instead.

Strategy #1: Block Your Time

You may not have three hours to devote to a job search every day, but how much time can you realistically find? Everyone can probably locate 30 -60 minutes in their schedule that they can use to engage in job search activities.

Sit down with your daily schedule and figure out when you can carve out a few minutes each day and block it off for job searching. It might be immediately after dinner, right after the kids go to bed, or in the morning while you usually enjoy coffee and watch the news. Find a time that works for you, put it in your schedule and consider it non-negotiable.

Strategy #2: Let Recruiters And Hiring Managers Know You Are Looking

If you are active on LinkedIn, leverage your profile and attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters by making your profile searchable and keyword rich. Next, take advantage of LinkedIn’s relatively new “open candidate”  feature. This feature alerts recruiters and hiring managers that you are open to new opportunities, without broadcasting it on your public profile page. This will help recruiters and hiring managers find you if they have a relevant opening in your field.

Strategy #3: Hand Over Your Search To A Professional Recruiter

Working with a professional recruiter ensures that you can conduct a confidential search and increases the chances that you will find a job that truly aligns with what you’re looking for out of your career. Once a recruiter gets to know you as a professional, they take over and do the legwork for you, matching you with opportunities that check off the boxes on your wish list.  They also recruit for positions that have not been advertised to the public, which allows you to uncover hidden opportunities you wouldn’t find on your own.

Recruiters know how to maintain confidentiality because they work with employed candidates every day. You never have to worry that you’ll get a call at work or an email on your company server, nor will the recruiter or her clients contact your boss unless or until you are ready. Finally, your recruiter will provide you with important feedback after each interview, which allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and improve your skills over time.

Still looking for that job and feel stressed for time?

If you are a busy professional seeking new opportunities, but you’re too busy to conduct a thorough job search on your own, contact the recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions today. We work closely with talent in technology, engineering, accounting, marketing and logistics. Accelerate your search and find your next opportunity with us.