How to Attract Top IT Talent

Today’s most highly-skilled IT professionals are in top demand – and they know it. According to a recent study surveying businesses of all sizes, 70 percent reported there are more tech jobs available than qualified candidates to fill them. This is partly because IT jobs have become increasingly specialized, as noted by 52 percent of respondents, and partly because there are fewer IT professionals on the market, as indicated by 53 percent.

Additional industry research supports this premise. For instance, another study found that each year, more than 122,000 tech jobs requiring college degrees open up in the U.S. Yet there are fewer than 60,000 computer science graduates.

Know Your Audience  

There is no “one size fits all” formula for attracting top IT talent. The reasons why people join a new company vary from one individual to the next. The key is to know your audience. Try to identify the real reason a candidate is looking to make a change, especially if they’re already gainfully employed.

  • During their interview, ask not only their reason for looking, but also the things that will be most important to them in their next role. Then, you can determine how to make a good fit with your organization.

Build Your IT Employer Brand

How do you build your employer brand and make your IT job opportunities more attractive? It’s not all about the technology, though being able to work with the latest platforms and tools will always be important. But there’s more.

  • Create a winning candidate experience. Show courtesy to candidates throughout your hiring process. Respect their time. Don’t cancel an interview at the last minute, show up unprepared without having reviewed their resume, or drag things out unnecessarily over multiple rounds. In addition to its impact on their own experience, they will likely share their opinion with their peers.
  • Convey to them how working for you would be good for their career. The best IT talent can pick and choose their employers. Be sure to sell them on growth opportunities within your organization and how they would be happy there not just today, but down the line as well. Opportunity for advancement was among the top factors that would keep IT professionals at their current jobs in one report.
  • Offer flexibility. In the same report, 33 percent of IT workers said they would take a 10 percent pay cut in order to be able to work remotely. And jobs offering telecommuting were shown to garner three to six times more applicants. The desire for work/life balance has never been so clearly indicated.
  • Align with local colleges and universities. Interact with faculty and student leaders who can get to know you, learn the type of things you’re doing, and tell others about you. Develop a pipeline of qualified candidates with fresh training, up-to-date skills, and high levels of energy and enthusiasm.

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