Job Search Tips that are Not Necessarily True

When you’re job hunting, you may find advice coming at you from every direction. And while friends, family, and colleagues may mean well, their ideas may not mesh with your unique goals, circumstances and challenges. Worst case: they may even be counterproductive.

Dispelling the Myths

Here are nine commonly-held beliefs about job searching that are not always true …

1. Never accept the first offer you get. If you’re thoroughly done your research and the job is right for you, why give it up just because you found it quickly?

2. Fight aggressively for everything you want from an employer. Once you get an offer, you negotiate for the wage/benefit package you desire. It’s called negotiating for a reason: there will be some give and take on both sides.

3. Play hard to get. Coming across as aloof, distant or standoffish makes interviewers believe you’re not really interested in the job. Let your excitement and enthusiasm show.

4. Never settle for less money. Career trajectories are not always straight up. If you’re trying out a new field or function, you may need to move laterally or even take a small step backward, to ultimately move ahead.

5. You don’t need a new job. You already have one that’s solid and secure. For some people, having a safe, albeit boring, the job is enough. Don’t let them project those fears onto you. Follow your passion. Never settle for mediocrity.

6. If you’re not happy, just quit. Never voluntarily leave a position unless you have secured another one. You’ll put yourself in a weaker negotiating position, and hiring managers may perceive you as a job hopper or a flight risk.

7. Don’t bother with HR. No matter who you know, you won’t get any further towards getting hired if you skip your initial screening with a company’s HR department. Partner with them, rather than disregarding them. It’s not only necessary, but it’s also a smart strategic move, for now and for the long run.

8. Don’t bother with a recruiter. It will just cost you money. People tend to think that working with a recruiter will mean you’ll get a lower offer because the company needs to pay their search firm. Top companies factor this cost into their hiring process. Plus, your recruiter will guide you through the entire hiring process and help you secure the best offer possible when the time comes.

9. Postpone your search till after the holidays. The presumption is that companies are not hiring during November or December. But sometimes, the opposite is true. If a critical position needs to be filled, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. And, companies may have hiring quotas on the line with the New Year about to begin.

When it comes to career guidance, don’t dis your family and friends, by any means. But to ensure that you get the right advice and direction, consider partnering with an expert who truly knows your goals, your vision, and your desired jobs and industry. If your chosen field is engineering, accounting, finance, marketing, cybersecurity, logistics or supply chain management, contact TRC Professional Solutions today. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure all your expectations are met.