Moving? Here’s How to Find a Job in a New Area

Moving to a new city is exciting. But it also brings with it a range of challenges. One of the biggest ones can be on the career front. Often, it’s difficult to land a new position. You might not be in the city yet, making interviewing hard. Or you may not be overly familiar with the area, including which employers are your best bets.

While finding a job in a new area can be a daunting task, it certainly isn’t an impossible one. If you’re moving, here are some tips that can help you land a new opportunity.

Get Organized

Trying to manage a move and a job search isn’t easy. In both cases, organization can make the difference between failure and success.

If you’re going to launch your job search before or immediately after you arrive in your new city, spend some time getting organized before you start. Update your resume, adjust your LinkedIn profile, coordinate some professional references, and have an interview outfit chosen. This will help you streamline your search, making it simpler to manage during what can be a hectic time.

Sign Up for Job Alerts

Job alerts can be a great way to learn about new opportunities. Plus, they automate a portion of your job search, making the entire process less cumbersome.

Define your ideal position, including the location, on multiple job sites. Then, set it up notifications or emails to ensure you know every time a match becomes available. You’ll be giving yourself a chance to apply as soon as a new listing comes up, ensuring you don’t miss out.

Have a Plan for Interviewing

If you are preparing to move to a new city, but aren’t there yet, you need an interview plan. Usually, an employer will have a tight schedule and wants to find a great candidate quickly. As a result, they might not be willing to wait until you’ve finished your move to schedule a meeting.

At times, you may be able to use video conferencing software in place of an in-person interview. However, that isn’t guaranteed to be available. Typically, you’ll need to be ready to head to the company’s office, and that usually involves paying your own travel expenses.

Figure out the best and most budget-friendly transportation options based on a range of scenarios. That way, if you receive an interview invitation, you can book your travel quickly.

Connect with a Local Staffing Firm

In many cases, working with a recruitment agency in your new city can be incredibly beneficial. First, you’ll have support from professionals who know your new city, including job openings that might not be publicly listed. Additionally, they can expedite your job search while reducing the burden you have to shoulder. This can be ideal if your move is approaching quickly and you have to handle those responsibilities as well as finding a new position.

Looking for a job in a new city? No Problem!

If you are moving to Montgomery County, the team at TRC Staffing Services can help. Contact us to learn more about our current job openings and how our services can benefit you.

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