Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In short, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where organizations enlist a workforce solutions partner to outsource part or all their recruitment and onboarding processes.  An RPO provider utilizes their own proprietary people, processes, and technology to align to the bespoke needs of the client.  This allows for the organization to remain flexible and mitigate risk while adjusting to organizational shifts and marketplace trends that drive their business.

Why Choose TRC as Your RPO Provider

Companies turn to TRC when they are challenged with attracting top talent in a crowded marketplace, retaining employees within their organization, or scaling all HR processes to meet the growing needs of their business. TRC’s RPO Solutions provide companies with peace of mind and an efficient and scalable solution to address their most perplexing talent acquisition challenges – across multiple skill sets and experience levels. 

What makes us unique is our ability to blend people, processes, and technology to accelerate hiring timelines based on your internal employment strategies.  We partner with you to prioritize your personnel additions based on your goals and business growth.  

Problems TRC RPO Solutions Answer


Improve Recruiting Efficiency 

Decrease cost

Decrease Recruiting Cost 

Screen Canidates

Engage and Screen Candidates at Scale

Reduce Friction

Accelerate Recruitment Process & Reduce Friction

Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction

Hiring Demand

Fluctuating Hiring Demand

Market Insights

Market insights

Reporting & Compliance

Reporting & Compliance

TRC RPO Solution Models

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

Whether it results from peak hiring, marketplace supply and demand changes, hard-to-fill positions, or plugging in short-term gaps within current HR infrastructure, TRC can support and supplement on-demand recruiting needs for our clients. TRC RaaS solutions provides the ultimate in flexibility for an organization providing all our services on an a-la-carte menu to mix and match as needed.  

Hybrid RPO

Sometimes organizational needs go beyond a short-term or one-time demand and require integrated recruiting programs or processes to enhance your workforce strategy. Powered by TRC’s RaaS capabilities, our Hybrid RPO provides function-based programs to augment internal infrastructure and efficiency requirements.  

Full-Service RPO

Beginning with our organizational audit, the TRC Full-Service RPO offering takes a holistic, intensive approach to our clients’ needs. Looking beyond an immediate fix, TRC partners with our clients to evaluate, design, and implement long-term best practices and end-to-end workforce management solutions that align with their organizational goals.

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