Social Media Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Customers in Daytona, Florida

Many Daytona, Florida, business owners and marketing managers think of social media based on its potential to attract new customers. But it can actually be so much more than that. In fact, social media has the ability to strengthen your relationship with your current customers, and can also improve retention rates.

So, how do smart companies make the most of their social media accounts? By taking advantage of all they have to offer.

Add Value

Any posts or updates need to add something to the great conversation. The content needs to provide customers with something of value, such as high-quality information or insightful commentary on events that affect your business. And that means you need to dedicate the time to doing more than just advertising the same sale and promoting the same campaign.

If your social media feed serves as a source of information that customers can trust, they will view you as a resource instead of just a place for goods or services. Give customers the opportunity to learn and grow, tell them something interesting, or help them solve a problem. All of these demonstrate you are more than just a business; there are people behind the posts, and that can deepen the connection.

Direct Engagement

Ultimately, social media is about connections. It requires an active approach and a focus on community. Businesses of any size can benefit from cultivating these connections by directly engaging with one of your organization’s assets: its customers.

Instead of just posting basic updates and articles, return to previous posts and engage in the conversation. Answer questions posed by your social media followers, or ask them questions when they share an opinion that can help your company grow. This lets your customers know you are there and accessible, and you are interested in what they have to say.

Your customers are full of useful information that can help you keep them interested in what your company has to offer. You just need to give them a chance to say it and be there to hear it when they do.

Accelerate Customer Service

Customers aren’t afraid to express themselves on social media, which means anyone who is dissatisfied with their prior experience may tell you, and the world, all about it. So, when that negative comment comes around (and it will), social media gives you a method for correcting the situation quickly.

Don’t let issues sit unaddressed. Instead, acknowledge any comments quickly and immediately work towards a resolution. This could start with a simple apology. Then, work with the customer to figure out the necessary steps to make everything right again.

Share Great Content, Even if It Didn’t Come From You

Your customers can also be a source of great content, and you shouldn’t be afraid to share it. If a customer posts about a great experience with your product or service, thank them for the shout out and share that publicly. This lets the Daytona community (and more) know you appreciate positive comments and you are in tune with what your customer is saying. It also shows you are paying attention to your true source of business success, your customers.

Hire an Expert

The reach of social media has created a new class of professionals with the knowledge and experience to help your company make the most of social media. They can develop marketing and retention strategies, and even engage with customers directly on behalf of your organization.

Are you looking for top talent to help you manage your company’s customer service on social media?

If you are interested in finding a social media expert for your business or have any other hiring needs, the experts at TRC Staffing Services can help you find your ideal candidate. Contact us and speak with one of our skilled recruitment professionals today, so we can put our experience to work for you.