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We Are a Flexible and Intuitive Light Industrial Staffing Partner

TRC Staffing learns the ins and outs of your light industrial business needs and provides flexible and intuitive support to help staff your company successfully.

The TRC Difference

We understand that positions in the light industrial field have significant ebbs and flows. The TRC Staffing team has a talent pool ready for all levels and can anticipate your hiring needs based on the season. When you partner with TRC, you can expect:

  • A cultivated AI resume screening process that efficiently brings the best candidates to the top
  • Comprehensive vetting and skillset testing
  • Dual standard checks to secure talent that meets your standards and ours
  • Administration of orientation and safety training to save you time and money
  • Transparency every step of the way
  • Market expertise in light industrial staffing services

Listen. Prepare. Integrate. Pivot.

At TRC, we understand the value of saving you time and money. Our streamlined process enables us to do a deep dive into your organization’s peaks and valleys, culture, and pain points so we can successfully place the right light industrial staffing talent. Our method entails the ability to:


It’s simple. You are the experts for your specific business, culture, and needs, and we do a deep dive into understanding what they are.


At any given moment, we are building talent pools for each role based on location and demand so we have talent readily available to hit the ground running.


You are not a transactional situation for us. We fully integrate into your organization and provide layered support from EVPs to local ops so we are there for you every step of the way.


Needs change. We are always ready to adapt as necessary to serve your organization best.

TRC recruiting goes the extra mile by immersing ourselves in the applicable market through community networks and chambers of commerce to find the best talent.

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TRC takes the time to get to know your business environment so we can be in lockstep with you when you need talent, no matter the role.

Specializations by Industry – Light Industrial

Staffing Legend

  • ST Short Term
  • LT Long Term
  • TTP Temp-to-Perm
  • DH Direct Hire
  • CT Contract
  • X N/A

Quality Candidates are Always Top of Mind

TRC Staffing’s commitment to our talent is a top priority, and we get to know you and your career goals so we can find the right organizational fit. If you are interested in exploring open opportunities in the Light Industrial field, please contact us.