Impact Services

Flexible, customized solutions for your business

IMPACT is our customized services program designed to meet your strategic contingent labor needs. Created to be client specific, IMPACT introduces supplemental workers in your workforce, and selects them based strictly on best fit.

Does the candidate…

  • meet the requirements of the job?
  • meet your standard of performance?
  • have the necessary skillset?
  • have the experience?
  • fit the culture of your company and designated team?
  • meet the rigorous standards set by TRC?


With IMPACT, TRC becomes an integrated partner responsible for sourcing, selecting, hiring, and managing a portion of our client’s workforce. It is highly customized and offers the benefits of outsourcing while allowing our clients to maintain their standards of performance. The ultimate goal of TRC’s IMPACT is to enhance your contingent workforce productivity and significantly reduce employment costs.

These highly-customized solutions offer the benefits of outsourcing while allowing you to maintain a high standard of performance and engagement

IMPACT Services:

Customized Dashboards & Reporting
On-Site Management
Shift Supervisors
Shift Leads
Incentive Bonuses
Job-Specific Skills Assessments

Quarterly Business Reviews
Customized Training/Onboarding
Drug Screening
Work-Flow Analysis
Customized Billing
Employee Handbooks

Utilization Reports
Safety Enhancements
24-Hour Services
Productivity Reports
On-Site Check-In
Continuous Improvement Checkpoints