Transferable Skills Across Industries

TRC Staffing - Transferable SkillsAs companies begin to navigate out of COVID-19, there are many transferable skills from jobs outside of their industry that they would not typically put on their radar that should be. Many skills are transferable across industries, such as those coming from the hospitality industry, that will benefit employers whether they are in tech or transportation. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate as of May 2020 is 13.3%, a massive increase from the 3.8% rate in February 2020. Taking a closer look at candidates who might not have a comparable job or industry experience but who have the following skills will strongly benefit employers.

Here Are Five Transferable Skills Across Industries:

Passion for Learning and Growing

The pandemic has been a wonderful time for candidates to explore training courses and learn new skills, signs that they have an ongoing commitment to education and improvement. A willingness to learn and grow will help them succeed in new roles or industries.


Thinking on their feet is critical in most industries, and this is especially important in today’s constantly changing climate and work environments.

Big Ideas

Things are shifting, and those who bring creativity to the table will be at the forefront of helping their companies innovate. You never know who will generate big ideas that can be industry game-changers.

Customer Service

Customer service skills are among the most transferable skills, whether someone comes from a retail sales position or works the customer service desk at an airport. These individuals can easily transition into call center roles or open positions in a client services division.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management skills can come from many places. Whether someone has been a restaurant manager or lead housekeeper, these organizational and people skills will keep them a step above and benefit the companies they go to.


The above transferable skills will help you find talented candidates across roles and industries, regardless of their previous experience.

If your company needs staffing support, our vetted talent pool has many of the above skills and more. Please contact the TRC Staffing Services team today.