Why Does Your Vetting Process Need To Be Based On Your Company’s Goals?

Would you agree that a critical success factor for your business is having every team member focused, on the same page, and pulling towards the same goals? Hopefully, you said yes because you cannot achieve your strategic goals without the right employees in place to make things happen. While this all seems rather logical, many companies fail to align their hiring processes with their company goals, and then they wonder why a hire didn’t work out. If you’re not currently basing your candidate vetting process on your company goals, now is the time to start making the shift.

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Aligning Your Vetting Process With Company Goals

The vetting process is about more than just verifying a strong candidate’s qualifications and confirming that they possess the personality, skills and character to do the job well. It is also about ensuring that the work the candidate does will ultimately move your company towards its goals.

Throughout the vetting process, make sure that you have an eye on:

  • Competitive advantage: You want to be sure that the candidate can help you maintain your advantage in the marketplace. This could mean closing a skill or knowledge gap or leveraging the candidate’s professional network.
  • Brand strength: Does the candidate make a strong brand ambassador? Is this someone you are comfortable representing you out in the world both in person and online?
  • Values alignment: Focus on uncovering or verifying the candidate’s professional values to make certain they align with your own. People whose values differ will have a difficult time getting behind the company’s mission.
  • Previous achievements: Odds are, your strongest candidates were able to present quantifiable evidence of success in their previous experience. If you are looking to capitalize on those past successes, make sure to verify claims with previous employers.
  • Innovation record: Anyone can claim to be an innovator. Make sure candidates cite verifiable examples of when and how they innovated and previous positions to ensure you are truly hiring someone who will move your business forward.
  • Strategic thinking: Someone who will help you achieve your strategic goals should be a strategic thinker himself or herself. Strategic thinkers tend to problem solve for the long-term rather than the short-term, are able to see how one decision impacts other areas of business and are highly focused on growth.

When you consider these factors together, it’s easy to see why the vetting process needs to be based on your company’s overarching goals. In order to uncover and verify these qualities, it is necessary to do far more than just confirm previous employment and certifications. It requires the hiring team to dig deep, to ask the right questions of references and to even do a little bit of “spy work” on a candidate’s digital footprint to see what information and values they promote online.

Are You Hiring For Growth?

Aligning your hiring and vetting process with your goals makes sense, but it isn’t always easy. If you are ready to start the process, partner with professional recruiters who can help you strategize, plan and achieve your goals. Contact to the hiring experts at TRC Professional Solutions today to learn how we can help you find the talent you need to achieve your strategic goals.