What Professional Solutions Exist to Help Your Career?

So, you’re ready to make a career move. Wouldn’t it be great if, rather than having to pound the pavement to find your next great job, it found you instead?


Working with the right staffing agency, this dream scenario can become a reality. Not to say you won’t have to do a thing – because you do need to collaborate with your search consultant. But, every single day, recruiters find the best possible people for the jobs they need filled. And if one of those jobs is right for you, they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you get it.

Beyond Temping

Since the end of the most recent recession, temporary and contract staffing have been very strong. During a one-year period, this career option saw 5.4 percent growth – and it was among the first areas to add jobs after the economic slump ended. From 2009 to 2014, temp work grew 57 percent, and it remains a viable option today.

  • Contract-to-hire jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door of a desired employer. Additional advantages include making new contacts, staying current with industry trends, and honing your professional skills – not to mention earning enough to keep your head above water.

Your staffing agency can help you find the right temp opportunity, but above and beyond this, there are numerous other career solutions they can offer. These include:

  • Providing access to the hidden job market. Look for a staffing partner that knows which companies you want to pursue. News flash: you may not even know this yourself, but after getting to know you, they will. And if you’ve already targeted potential employers, your recruiter can help you get your foot in the door by using their existing client network.
  • Getting you the right interviews. This means more than simply calling you when you match a job description. When a staffing company recommends you to an employer, they want you to nail the hiring process. At no cost to you, they’ll offer access to openings that are not posted online, provide resume assistance, and coach you in advance of your interviews. You won’t waste time pursuing openings that aren’t right for you.
  • Helping you negotiate the best wage/benefit package. Your recruiter will provide negotiation advice, or negotiate directly on your behalf. Because when you get a job you’ve been recommended for, everyone wins. The employer hires the best person for the position, you get a great job, and your recruiter gets paid. (If you haven’t picked up on this by now, staffing agencies are paid by companies seeking new hires, so you don’t have to stress over how to pay their fees.)

Are you considering a new job?

Whether it’s a consulting job, a contract-to-hire opportunity or a permanent placement, TRC Solutions can be the partner you need as you find your next job in engineering, IT, accounting, finance, marketing, software development or supply chain management.

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