Why You Should Learn to Code

Coding refers to creating computer programming codes. And as technology advances at the speed of light, the world is crying out for more coders, so job opportunities are wide open. While career options are probably the leading reason to add coding to your skillset, there are other reasons why it can be appealing, as well.

  • Coding is the primary method for allowing intercommunication between humans and machines. It used to be done through punch cards and similar methods. When digital computers were created, programming languages like BASIC, FORTRAN and COBOL came into play. In today’s PC and Internet age, programmers typically produce code in modules that correspond to individual computing tasks. These modules are then put together in a collective framework or project, such as an individual software application.

Coding opens lucrative career doors.

Learning to code opens up a world of career options – whether it means better opportunities within your current organization or a new company, or starting your own business.

  • Demand for coders far exceeds supply. Jobs that require coding skills are projected to grow at a rate of 30 percent between 2010 and 2020. This is twice as fast as most other jobs.
  • Because the supply of coders worldwide is so low, the pay is attractive. Google and Facebook employees, for instance, are paid a base salary of approximately $125,000.
  • If you have a new product idea and can code, you’ll not only be able to realize it but also know the source of your software inside out. You won’t have to hire other people to do costly programming work for you.

Become more self-sufficient – and marketable.

Coding is a valuable skill in fields well beyond IT and engineering. For example, if you work in marketing, it’s likely that you need tech support on a somewhat frequent basis – but your help desk typically has a long waiting list. With coding proficiency, you might not have to wait around for assistance. You can also:

  • Build landing pages for marketing campaigns without having to rely on an engineer or designer.
  • Enhance website SEO or make quick design changes.
  • Address customer’s technical questions on the spot, without having to ping a coworker.

Become a better thinker.

Coding teaches you a more logical way of thinking that you can apply in virtually every area of your life. Steve Jobs once commented that “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think. I view computer science as a liberal art.”

  • Learning to program also enhances your attention to detail. A single misplaced hyphen or period can mess up an entire code. So as you perfect your coding strengths, you quickly become adept at checking your work and doing things right the first time.

Are you looking to grow your skills and advance your career in computer programming, digital marketing or similar tech specialties – or master coding and stay abreast of the latest industry developments, regardless of your field? If so, contact the expert team at TRC Professional Solutions today. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that all your expectations are met.